Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures of the game

Here are some pics that i took from the game to see more pictures

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First Game

March 14th we traveled to bolzano which u can find on the map above is about a 3 and half bus ride. It was the first Home Game we had to change the location due to the winter storm we had during the week. (by those pics below)

So we get to bolzano 2 hours before game time, it is a great sceneiary mountains behind the field and the field was the best in italy.

Game starts out great they get the ball first, and even though our defense got them a three and out they did score on us on a long screen play down the left sideline the one where i was on the other side of the field, but it got called back for a holding and 2 plays later we recover a fumble. we get the ball on the 50 yard line toss right 30 yard gain to me next play 5 yard hitch to craig the WR 20 yard TD.

Second drive they get the ball and their american were a guy named bradlee van pelt he played in the nfl for a couple years never really stayed anywhere and they had a Wr from Ohio university dont know his name because he was very bad he made 2 catches for 50 yards and 2tds he was out of shape didnt even play the whole 3 and none of the 4th. but anyway their offense was bad all they did was try to throw it deep to the american wr which like i said only made 2 catches so needless to say it didnt work very good haha. but it was a good match up. the game was a lot of fun it was about 60 degrees out and the sun was setting over the field so after half time it was dark and a lil chilly. The game was dominated by us we beat them in everything we they could not stop our offense we scored every time we had the ball and in the 3rd quater we had the for 10 out of the 12 min but it was really strange that we didnt have a time clock so we never really knew what the score was. at one point in the game i asked 3 refs on what time it was and they gave me 5:20, 4:00, and 3:15. so andrew the coach started putting in our second string because the score was 42-21 but the real time on the clock was 6:45 so there was still alot of time. and what do we do go 3 and out and snap the ball over the punters head so he has to dive on it and they get the ball our 35 yard line. so it takes 3 plays for them to score because our D is nasty on 1st down I blitz off the edge and make the Qb scramble becasue i missed the sack (haha) but i make him run to the left which is where our D-line was to clean it up so i point myself for a huslte play haha just helping the d out. but on second down they try a run and we handle that for a 3 yard gain then next play they throw it up to the american which we had double covered and scored a TD so the score is 42-29 everyones pissed because we didnt know what time and we gave points away so the first string O goes on the field and we run run and run till we score making a statement that we cant be stopped then they started takeing there startes out and it was over 49-29

After the game we celebrated with bottles of beer everyone was excited and we had a long bus ride home. im not really sure if they understood that because they were taking forever to get going we stayed at the stadiuam for an extra 2 hours and then we stopped an auto Grill off the highway and took another hour there so everyone was haveing a good time i was in pain from all the scraps and brusies i got from the game haha but it was worth it. im feeling a lot better and i will be ready to go for game number 2. the only thing is that its on of the worst fields in italy so it will be interesting.

Any questions write in comment
Love everyone hope u enjoyed the game haha

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lil taste of HOME!

Well this week is the start of the season our first game is on Sunday at 3pm. i think that would be 9am your time. Well the past few days have been interesting to say the least, mondays practice was cold but during the day monday it was 60 degrees and then tuesday rolls around and its starts snowing around 5 pm and it hasnt stop since. as u can see by the pictures on how much snow we got, it reminds of a lil bit of home which is a lil refreshing but the bad part is that all this snow needs to melt and the ground needs to be dry by sunday for the game. wither way we will be playing sunday so i will let everyone know what happens in the game...thanks for following miss everyone

Friday, February 26, 2010

Top left ( inside train station)
Top right (Duomo) biggest church i have ever seen
Bottom (outside the train station)

Quick Trip To Milan

Well yesterday me, joe and craig went to milan to see the chiropractor.

The trip started off by us missing the train that we planed to get on and the reason for us missing it was a long line at the train station to get the tickets. so since we missed the train we had to wait another hour to catch the next train to milan well we were supposed to buy another ticket but we decided not to so we didnt have to spend more money. So the fast train comes and we get on, we have to stay out of the securities way so he doesnt check our ticket, but as long as the train was moving they couldnt throw us off till the next stop which would have been milan so we were good anyway.

So we get to milan and the train station is so huge i cant even decribe it. from the train station we had to take a subway to the duomo which is what they call the church, we had some time to kill so we stop and had some lunch. after lunch we went and say the chiropractor he was a really cool guy spoke pretty good english and realined and cracked my back real good. then after we got done with the doc we went back home. overall we left at 11 am got back at 7pm and saw the doc for a total of 10 min. so it was a long day of travel for 10 min but it was fun, we will be going back probably once a week.

till the next adventure love u family

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well This pst few days have been getting warmer but it still seems to rain at least some point in every day. It was really nice on sunday and the gym was closed so me and joe ran about a mile and half around the center and then back down the river it was a nice little run, there was alot of people out that day looking at us funny cause we had shorts on.

I have been getting a lot better of remembering where things are at and how to get there. we have found a couple new sandwitch spots to eat lunch at and the great thing about is that they are really cheap like 3 bucks...we have been out to a few of the clubs which have a million people in there and all the music they play is techno disco shit so i dont know how much longer ill go to those spots haha

well mom says that i have to check my spelling but i only have a short time to write b/c we are always on the move so i dont have time to check and recheck what i write so sorry if there are not alot of period or grammer marks lol ya'll get what im trying to say lol well miss everyone very much bye for now


Well all the Roommates are in we had to pick the last one up from the airport on Sunday. SO here is a break down of the Roommates: Joe is the qb from alabama he went to college at middle tennesee state, he is a hillbilly not really i just call him that he has a couple pairs of cowboy boots and he is barrowing one of the guys on the teams guitar so he plays that alot, its pretty funny. Michael Pinkard is the D-cordinator he is 6'5" 260 he used to play Tight End in the nfl for 3 years but blew his shoulder out, but he has gaven good tips and showed us some good work outs to do. he lives in chandler, arizona as well. Paul is from New York he works with the o-line and will play for us in the EFAF which is the eroleague where we can have dual pass ports play, he is a real cool guy, he is also the youngest in the house. Then we have Craig from seattle this will be his 5th year playing for Parma he playes WR, he has been telling us places to go for lunch and places to see so he'll be the tour guide until i know where everythings at. Last is Michael Craven, he is from california and played college ball at stanford. I guess he has studied italian when he was in college so he thinks he knows everything but he is finding out that its not the same from studying haha also he helps out the LBs but the weird thing is that he doesnt seem to be here for the right reasons like hes on a free trip b/c he has to go to school in florance next month and he just seems to think that he should get every thing he just puts himself above everyone in the house and its starting to get old and everyone agrees as well.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pictures of Parma

Ok since i dont know how to put the caption under the picture ur going to have to figure which one is which.
Buildings around Parma. Walking down to the center. Front of the Mall. Center buidling the statue is of Garaboldi

Pictures around Parma

this is our apartment building, we are on the second floor my room is the one with the windo open.

3rd Week

It has been 3 weeks in italy and i tell you what i didnt have the tv and the internet worked very little and i survived lol its crazy to think so people still live without that stuff cause i feel like i have no idea of whats happening around the world without it. Especially ESPN i feel lost without it. lol. but the good news is that the internet is hooked up and is workign great haha so i can keep up to date on all the action on espn and the olympics but im not sure what country to pull for haha

well i hope that everyone is doing great i miss everyone i wish u guys could see this place so ill try and put as much pictures of the places i go on here so u guys can see whats going on here in italy. you can also download skype and we can chat on there my username is greg.m.hay32. new post coming in a few days bye for know

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today in Italy

Well the first week has gone by, and i seem to be getting a little better with the way things work around here and I am getting a little better with where we are even at when we drive around. (I kind of feel like teresa not knowing where im at or going lol ) But its just a matter of time and practice till i get the hang of all the roads.

today was the first day of doing laundry as well it was a little tricky just cause the washer is in Italian, but the crazy part is that there is no dryer so we have these small clothes line things that we put in front of the heater to dry so we'll see how good it works.

We also have the seocond practice tonight. I am having the guys try and teach me how to call things in italian just to make it easier on me becasue they are a little slow making the calls, but over all pretty smart at picking up the defence that we installed so i was pretty impressed with that.

Well we really didnt do much today cause it was wet and cloudy all day so untill next post bye

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hello everyone I am not totally sure how to use this but I"ll try to figure it out in the next few days so u guys can check it out cause the internet here is not very good a tthe time, its hit or miss when the internet works. The good thing is that it should get hooked up to u then